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Membership Enhancement Program

"Lead Like You Ride"

Updated: April 11, 2014

GWRRA Insight Newsletter
The April 2014 Insight Newsletter has been posted for your view pleasure.

2013 GWRRA Newsletter Award
Ray & Sandi Garris, GWRRA Directors, Dave & Gwen Carter, Directors of Divisions/Programs, and Bob and Karla Greer, Membership Enhancement Directors, are pleased to announce that Georgia Chapter D (Region A), Cumming, GA, “Mountain Roadrunners”, has won the 2013 GWRRA Chapter Newsletter Award contest. Go to the Newsletter Award page to see the winning newsletter.

Chapter of the Year Program Update
Due to a change in reporting requirements for the Rider Education N.6 Activity Report the 2014 Chapter of the Year Program guide and score sheet have been update. The changes doesn't affect overall points. Go to the Chapter of the Year page to download the update.

MEP GW University Update
New information has been posted on the MEP GW University page related to LTP Trainers certifying as MEP Trainers

Membership Enhancement Monthly Snapshots
The Director, Membership Enhancement Program announced new monthly reporting requirements for Region MECs. Read the complete announcement.

Membership Program Seminars
For MEP Certified Trainers...7 seminars have been moved from the LTP to MEP. The seminars are:
     - GWRRA History
     - Helpful Information for New Members
     - How Can I Participate in GWRRA
     - How to Have Fun at a GWRRA Event
     - Member Benefits Overview
     - Newsletters
     - Structure of GWRRA
There have been updates to the Fun Activities Guide & 2014 Chapter of the Year. Log in to get the latest seminars.
If you experience any issues logging on to the seminar page contact Tommy & Gayle Wilson.

MEC Certificate of Appointment
There is an updated MEC Certificate of Appoint available for download with the new Director of GWRR and Director, Membership Enhancement Program. Click here to download the certificate.

Additions to the MEP Team
Bob & Karla Greer announced that Tommy & Gayle Wilson have joined the team as Assistant Directors for the MEP GW University, Greg & Renee Dempsey Assistant Directors for the Chapter of the Year Program and Steven & Tammy Hollingsworth Assistant Directors for the Couple of the Year Program. Check out the Team page for contact information.

2013-2014 International Couple of the Year
Tommy & Gayle Wilson selected as International Couple of the Year at Wing Ding.