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Membership Enhancement Program

"Lead Like You Ride"

Updated: January 19th 2015

Couples of the Year

2014 - 2015 International
Couple of the Year

John & Barb Pons
Region F

2014 - 2015 Overseas
Couple of the Year

Itzak Dar & Taya Hen
Israel - Chapter ISR-B

Assistant Directors, Membership Enhancement Program
Couple of the Year

Tommy & Gayle Wilson
Tommy: 540-238-3136
Gayle: 540-238-3263

Couples of the Year

Want to talk with someone who's been through the Couple of the Year experience?

Couple of the Year Program


If you are here because you’ve been selected as Couple of the Year, congratulations! Or maybe you’re a GWRRA member who is just trying to find out more about the Couple of the Year program. Either way, we hope this site will answer your questions. If it doesn’t, we are just an email or phone call away and always ready to help in any way we can.

We believe that the Couple of the Year program is the most exciting program in GWRRA. If you open yourselves to the possibilities, we believe you will come to feel the same way. When we were honored as Chapter Couple of the Year, we were worried that we couldn’t fulfill the “obligations” we thought being Chapter Couple of the Year entailed. So we went home and read the Couple of the Year manual. We realized there really weren’t any duties for us and we knew we wouldn’t be in the Selection so we began to breathe again.

Then we decided to visit some other Chapters in our state as time and jobs allowed. What a pleasant surprise! We always felt so welcomed and we met so many new friends. Well, we still aren’t sure exactly how it happened but we decided to participate in the District Selection. Were we nervous? That would be an understatement, but we decided to do it for our Chapter and for ourselves. So many people told us we could do it that we started to believe them. Did we expect to be selected? Let’s just say we were the two most surprised people in the room when our names were called. I found out that “It took my breath away” isn’t just an expression, it really happens.

It would take several pages to talk about all of the fun we had from then through our year as the International Couple of the Year. We traveled when we could and although we were sad when we couldn’t always go as much as we wanted, we never felt guilty or pressured. Now, not only do we have friends across the United States and Canada, but in several overseas countries as well. It’s been quite a ride for a couple that only wanted to do a good job for their Chapter as their Couple of the Year! If you are still skeptical, call us, we will bend your ear!

On this page of the website, you will find links to documents that we hope will cover all of the questions you may have about the Couple of the Year Program. We know we haven’t covered it all so please contact us if you can’t find the answers to your questions. That’s why we are here!

Tommy and Gayle Wilson

Asst. Directors Membership Enhancement Program - Couple of the Year
2013-2014 International Couple of the Year

Couples of the Year
Announcements and Updates

January 19, 2015

We are pleased to announce that the update of the Couple of the Year Manual has been completed. Most of the changes are minor. One of the most significant changes is removing the requirement that the Overseas Couple of the Year must attend Wing Ding, although they are highly encouraged to share in that experience if they are able.

Both the Couple of the Year and the Overseas Couple of the Year resumes have been modified slightly to remove a couple items that we have heard are barriers to having Couples participate in the selection process. There are also a few tweaks to clarify what information goes where. The changes are minor enough that it is not necessary for any Couple currently involved in the process to convert over to the new resume. However, if they decide to use the new layout, they can move their information over to the new pages 4 & 5 and continue to use their original pages 1-3. There is a new “Word” version of the resume which has been added to the website. Couples are reminded that if they choose to use this version they must adhere to the guidelines which are listed on the introductory page of the “Word” version of the resume.

The Couple of the Year Score Sheet has also been updated, mainly moving the point value from the left to the right side of the page in an effort to make it easier for the selection panelists to score. None of the changes to the resume required a change to the score sheet. Again, this was done so that a couple would not be required to change their resume.

Links to the updated Couple of the Year Manual and the Resumes are now posted on the Couple of the Year page of the Membership Enhancement web site. Please use these to update any hard copies of the Manual that you may have and feel free to pass them on as appropriate.

Also new to the web site is a list of previous Region Couples of the Year who are eager to mentor any Couple of the Year. If your Chapter, District or Region Membership Enhancement Officer or Couple of the Year Coordinator doesn’t have the answer to your question then this is another resource to get the opinion of someone who has “been there, done that.” Always remember to check the Couple of the Year Manual for the current policy.

We believe this is the most “FUN” program in GWRRA and provides great opportunities to increase your “Safety” and “Knowledge” and make more “FRIENDS” as you move through the levels of the program! Make a New Year’s resolution to step out of your comfort zone and participate in the Couple of the Year selection in your District. If you aren’t a current Couple of the Year, make a resolution to attend a Couple of the Year selection and see for yourself what the “FUN” is all about!  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send us an email or give us a call.

Couple of the Year Program Manual

Couple of the Year score sheet
Couple of the Year Resume (Word version)

Overseas Couple of the Year Resume